Improve impact visibility with dependency graph

Make a digital map of your system with TaskCall's dependency graph. Connect all your technical and business services together and define the dependency from one to another. When an incident occurs, TaskCall automatically identifies and helps you visualize its impact on all parts of your system so you can trace down the root cause immediately. Save time by letting TaskCall automate your incident response process.

To create a dependency, double click on the parent node first and then double click on the node that depends on it. The dependency will be signified by an arrow.

To remove a dependency, click once right under the arrow that represents the dependency. A remove message will be shown. Click "Remove dependency".

Oval shaped nodes represent, services (technical services), while the rectangular nodes represent business services.

Hover over a node to see the first layer of children that depend on it.

If an incident occurs on a service, you will be able to see the technical services that it depends on and the ones that use it at the bottom right corner of the incident details page.

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Morning Consult | IBM
Global Security Operations Center Study Results
-- March 2023