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Crisis Management

Quick Workarounds for Business Continuity

Don't let crisis impact business continuity

Incidents happen every day. Some can have a wide scale impact and threaten business continuity while others may be a result of external factors like geopolitics or environment. Whatever the reason may be, preparing for such critical moments ahead of time can save your firm from unplanned downtime. Having a system in place to assure system reliability and continued business support can make all the difference.

Crisis management does not necessarily have to involve a completely separate set of mechanisms that require additional employee training. It is best if employees can continue to work just the same way they were with minor exceptions.

Real-time operations for crisis management

TaskCall's platform is designed to help your team adapt a systematic approach to incident response that can naturally extend to crisis management. It enables remote working through rapid deployment of crisis communication channels and dynamic live call routing to connect your clients and stakeholders to the relevant teams no matter where they are located. Save time during a critical issue by keeping customer support representatives and business managers automatically updated. Reduce friction amongst teams and keep everyone in the loop through free flow of important details while reducing interruptions for on-call responders.

Quickly set up special purpose teams and communication channels

Easily configure a schedule to represent the team responsible for handling critical issues. Quickly set up email or chat channels on demand through our built-in integrations to direct incidents to the crisis management team, relieving on-call support teams from additional burden so they can continue on with their daily responsibilities.

Quickly set up special purpose teams and communication channels

Enable remote call management

Stationary landlines are not effective if no one is around to man the phone. Calls can go unanswered worsening the concerns of your clients. TaskCall's live call routing simplifies crisis management by making your team accessible at all times despite their physical location without any loss of experience. Create a seamless calling experience with escalations and keep your clients engaged. Give them the assurance of business continuity even at the face of a crisis.

Enable remote call management

Communicate with stakeholders without interruption

Questions keep pouring in from all sides and inundate on-call responders and DevOps engineers during a critical outage. Every inquiry is an interruption that distracts away from the resolution, but naturally stakeholders want to know what is going on. Keeping everyone updated is a core piece of crisis management and TaskCall makes it easy by letting stakeholders self-subscribe for updates. Responders can also subscribe relevant people to incident updates and send mass updates. Improve crisis communication without losing previous time.

Communicate with stakeholders without interruption

Automatically contextualize incidents for customer support representatives

As a crisis unfolds, customer inquiries are likely to go up. Support representatives usually do not have access to backend problems to be able to provide contextualized responses. They may have to escalate to DevOps for additional support. Not only do DevOps interruptions worsen time to resolution, but they may also not be in a position to respond back to support teams.

With its advanced ticketing solutions TaskCall aids crisis management by giving customer support representatives visibility to backend incidents. Understand which client facing services have been impacted and track incidents so you can update clients on the progress. Add insightful information attained from clients as notes and give DevOps teams more context. Streamline communication between teams without burdening either side.

Automatically contextualize incidents for customer support representatives

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On-Call Management
for Modern Dev-Ops

One of the core pieces of maintaining a sophisticated operation is delegation of responsibilities. If one individual ends up doing bulk of the work then the whole process will be slowed down. Their individual efficiency will not hold up to the standard either.

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Incident Response:
A Digital Solution

Incident response is the process of addressing a technical issue that occurs in a company. It could be business application and database issues, untested deployment releases, maintenance issues, cyber-security attack, network outage or datacenter outage.

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Customer Call Support in the Age of Remote Working

The problem with old school customer call support is locality. You are tied down to a single phone number and the people present in the office. That is not sufficient. You want to be able to provide customer support at any time and from anywhere.

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