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Incident response in the finance services sector is paramount due to the sensitive nature of financial data and the potential impact of disruptions on both institutions and customers. Financial organizations must prioritize rapid detection, analysis, and resolution of incidents to minimize downtime, prevent financial losses, and maintain trust and confidence in their services.

TaskCall provides a powerful enterprise level incident response and management platform to handle the increasingly complex and evolving financial systems. Predefine protocols and workflows to ensure a structured and coordinated response to incidents like cyber-attacks, critical system outages, or data breaches.

TaskCall For Financial Services

How AIOps Transforms Financial Services?

Real-Time Incident Response

Drive your incident response with the power of automation from TaskCall. Make your teams more agile and aware of systematic issues to drive faster resolutions.

Contain Impact with AIOps

Contain system impact with TaskCall's automatic impact identification and use AIOps to implement and deploy security patches to mitigate vulnerabilities automatically or with a click of a button.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Identify error prone parts of your system with quantitative metrics readily and allocate resources to attain improved operational efficiency.

Service Compliance

Stay compliant by keeping a trail of all incidents and action timelines of each user and utilize the data to meet your regulatory obligations and SLAs.

Digital Transformation in Banking, Fund Management, Fintech, and more

Financial companies have evolved out of traditional brick and mortar services to keep up with customer expectations of timely and secure transactions, trades and investments. Whether you are in banking, insurance, fund management or fintech, the need for zero disruption is ever so important.

TaskCall provides the right financial services solutions to help you achieve consistent uptime and mobilize the fastest incident resolutions, so you can reliably automate your operations and give customers the assurance they seek at all times.

Protect Your Financial Services

Focus on Resolutions, Not Repetitions

Give your DevOps teams the time to focus on core resolutions while TaskCall automates the rest, starting from gathering the right on-call responders, running health checks and keeping stakeholders up-to-date.

Digitize Traditional Systems

Bring all your systems - modern and legacy - under the same safety net through integrations and service ownerships. Stay compliant by letting each team manage their services and controlling visibility. Run custom workflows to improve IT and operational efficiency.

Handle Cybersecurity Threats

Manage cybersecurity incidents systematically by identifying, analyzing, and mitigating the impact of security breaches or threats. Rapidly detect anomalies and unauthorized activities before they impact your end service.

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On-Call Management
for Modern Dev-Ops

One of the core pieces of maintaining a sophisticated operation is delegation of responsibilities. If one individual ends up doing bulk of the work then the whole process will be slowed down. Their individual efficiency will not hold up to the standard either.

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Incident Response:
A Digital Solution

Incident response is the process of addressing a technical issue that occurs in a company. It could be business application and database issues, untested deployment releases, maintenance issues, cyber-security attack, network outage or datacenter outage.

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Customer Call Support in the Age of Remote Working

The problem with old school customer call support is locality. You are tied down to a single phone number and the people present in the office. That is not sufficient. You want to be able to provide customer support at any time and from anywhere.

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81% of teams report response delays due to manual investigation.

Morning Consult | IBM
Global Security Operations Center Study Results
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