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Seconds matter in the world of finance. Random outages can cause your trading strategy to behave erratically. Ensure that the minutest glitch in your system is brought to the forefront with TaskCall's powerful integrated solutions and notifications. Extend on-call management and incident response solutions through pre-scheduled alerts to your time sensitive operations so no manual trades and hedges are ever missed. Stay on top by assuring your system's reliability with TaskCall.

real-time incident response

Speed up your incident response with the power of automation from TaskCall. Make your teams more agile and aware of systematic issues to drive faster resolutions.

Ensure all your systems including trading, locates, databases, payments gateways - are functional at all times. Never lose a minute of trading and boost the performance of your strategies.

Make manual trading more systematic with pre-scheduled and escalation enabled alerting. Handle discretionary transactions timely and ensure they are never missed even during unexpected changes.

Identify error prone parts of your system readily and allocate resources accordinly to attain improved operational efficiency in the near term.

Don't lose money from downtime.

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