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Government ministries and agencies are rapidly transitioning to cloud-based infrastructure and leveraging automation to enhance operational efficiency. However, the reliance on cloud services introduces potential vulnerabilities, and any interruptions in service can significantly impact the delivery of essential public services.

TaskCall offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions tailored to the unique needs of governments, safeguarding the integrity and security of public systems while ensuring the uninterrupted continuity of services. From robust security measures to seamless service consistency, TaskCall provides the necessary tools and support to enable government entities to navigate their digital transformation confidently.

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How to Optimize the Government Cloud?

Achieve Higher Service Deliverability with Incident Response

Ensure reliable service delivery and performance of all constituent facing applications by reducing the downtime of government systems. Enable rapid detection of critical incidents and employ agile learning methodologies to mobilize the response with targeted approaches for the fastest resolution.

Optimize Incident Management with Automation

Leverage automation to systematically reduce noise and increase visibility of issues across teams for better contextualization. As false positives are automatically removed and root causes are identified, incident lifetime shortens as your staff can focus more on the incidents that matter without being overwhelmed by alerts.

Simplify Accessibility with Live Call Routing

Make it easy for people to contact their local government without having to man the phone round the clock. Harness the power of dynamic on-call management and live call routing to connect citizens with the correct personnel and address their concerns promptly, while automatically escalating to secondary support when needed.

Keep Stakeholders Informed through Status Dashboards

Reduce interruptions and required man hours by streamlining communication with your stakeholders. Impacted utilities will be automatically identified when an incident occurs and stakeholders will be kept informed through status updates. Subscribe constituents for updates or let them self-subscribe, and free up your resources.

Drive Digital Transformation in Government

Moving away from traditional paperwork and legacy systems is imperative for governments to remain efficient and provide timely services to their constituents. Considerable investments have been made to adapt to the digital landscape and make public sector solutions available through the cloud. Services such as tax filings, vehicle registrations, obtaining permits, healthcare benefits and so much more can now all be availed online.

As digitization has spread across the public sector, so has the need for consistent availability of the underlying services. TaskCall's solution for governments ensures just that through critical incident response and automation. Connect all your applications including local government utilities supply monitors through secure integrations and give your digital transformation the safeguard it needs.

Empowering Communities by Partnering with the Public Sector

Preferential Pricing for Governments

TaskCall strongly stands by its commitment to partner with local, state and federal governments to bring the power of incident response to the public sector and accelerate the move towards digitization. All government agencies are eligible for preferential pricing. We will help you reduce costs so you never have to compromise on your deliverables.

Data Security and Compliance

Modernizing government systems has brought constituent data to the cloud. Fortify your security measures with incident response to identify data breaches and cyber-attacks faster. Minimize the impact by deploying pre-defined processes and mobilizing the response effort to mitigate the underlying risk.

Better Operational Efficiency

Systematic management of incidents through alert noise reduction and automation enabled resolutions paves the path for better operational efficiency. As teams need to spend less time on handling incidents, more time opens up for innovation and modernization. Achieve more with the same resources.

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On-Call Management
for Modern Dev-Ops

One of the core pieces of maintaining a sophisticated operation is delegation of responsibilities. If one individual ends up doing bulk of the work then the whole process will be slowed down. Their individual efficiency will not hold up to the standard either.

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Incident Response:
A Digital Solution

Incident response is the process of addressing a technical issue that occurs in a company. It could be business application and database issues, untested deployment releases, maintenance issues, cyber-security attack, network outage or datacenter outage.

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Customer Call Support in the Age of Remote Working

The problem with old school customer call support is locality. You are tied down to a single phone number and the people present in the office. That is not sufficient. You want to be able to provide customer support at any time and from anywhere.

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