Industrial Plants

Gloabally manufacturers are moving towards Industry 4.0 through increased automation and IoT enabled monitoring. With TaskCall, connect with all your monitoring tools and keep track of your operations from wherever you. Get notified and updated about incidents in real time and reduce the number of incidents overall by identifying problems before they manifest.

real-time incident response

With machines being connected to IoT devices the risk of unwanted external interference increases. Connect your cyber security tools with TaskCall and orchestrate the swiftest response to regain control.

Stay updated on the operational health of your factory no matter where you are. Get full visibility of incidents from the tip of your fingers and help manage an agile response effort.

Increase productivity by avoiding repitive downtime through identification and repairing chronic systematic problems in your plant with our real time intelligent data analysis.

Quantify the cost of operations correctly through undercalculated opportunity costs resulting from excessive time and resources spent on repairs and prepare a more comprehensive budget that drives innovation and efficiency.

Don't lose money from downtime.

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