Best PagerDuty Alternative - 50% Cheaper

TaskCall and PagerDuty share similar platform structures and design aesthetics. Both provide reliable and consistent performance. But why should you still choose TaskCall over PagerDuty? TaskCall is more than 50% cheaper than PagerDuty on all pricing plans. The savings to your firm will be immense. TaskCall is not only an alternative to PagerDuty, but an improvement to your operations.

Why choose TaskCall over PagerDuty?

We have the fastest deployment cycle for new feature requests. When your firm is growing rapidly, so will your requirements. You want a software solution that is willing to adapt to your needs and meet your requirements. We go that extra mile to deliver the best service for you.

Each of our pricing plan is around 50% cheaper than its corresponding plan in PagerDuty. All the features that you need are comparable. We provide the highest level of reliability for half the fees that are charged by PagerDuty. Reduce your operation cost by switching to TaskCall. For a team of 50 users, the annual cost saving is $18,000. Enjoy a superior incident response service at a bargain price.

PagerDuty’s support varies based on the pricing plan you are on, but all our support plans are the same. We understand how important your system is to you. And we are always here to provide the support that you need. If you are stuck on something in the middle of the night, we will still be here for you.

Similar Feel

TaskCall and PagerDuty have very similar feel. We are both designed with user friendliness and responsiveness in mind. Unlike other platforms we do not try to combine multiple features into one. Rather we break them down into smaller components to enable the most dynamic on-call management and incident response.

The use of routing rules in conjunction with artificial intelligence to suppress unnecessary noise by both solutions drastically reduces alert fatigue amongst on-call responders. Both platforms do an incredible job at further improving the on-call experience by increasing visibility of incidents across the board. For dev-ops itself, we improve visibility through identifying impact on dependencies, for stakeholders through status dashboards and for customer support personnel through robust integrations with ticketing tools like Zendesk and Salesforce.

For the most part any feature or tool that can be found in PagerDuty can also be found in TaskCall and the other way around. There are only some minor differences that may not impact your overall experience. As a newer entrant, TaskCall is lagging behind PagerDuty in the number of integrations. TaskCall is gradually catching up and is also creating a vast library of built-in integrations. The key integrations that most companies need, however, are already available in TaskCall. Nonetheless, if we are still missing one that you need, we will build it out of you with our commitment to fast deployment.

Compare TaskCall vs PagerDuty

Affordable pricing for all TaskCall offers a free plan for up to 10 users and is 50% cheaper than PagerDuty in all other subscription plans.
Support plan with you in mind 24x7 support for all pricing plans whether you are a large team or not. Your business matters to you and you matter to us.
Accepts cutom feature requests for fast deployment Clients can make custom feature requests that will be deployed in the shortest possible time. TaskCall is committed to your needs.
Longer data retention for all plans TaskCall stores client data longer for all plans. Access data for years without any bindings or contracts.
More built-in integrations PagerDuty offers more built-in integrations than TaskCall, but if we are missing an integration you need, just let us know. We will build it out with utmost priority.

TaskCall for the Modern Dev-Ops

TaskCall is a leading IT-Ops incident response and management system that is trusted by private enterprises and state governments across the world. Our versatile system design and user friendly platform makes it the best PagerDuty Alternative.

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